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Welcome to OpenCart Extensions

Users of OpenCart are always looking for ways to enhance the functionality of their OpenCart store. At OpenCart Extensions, you can get premium extensions that will make your site more attractive as well as function the way in which you want it to.

Premium OpenCart Extensions

Here are some OpenCart extensions that you can get right now:

OpenCart 3.x OCMODs

Remove Returns from My Orders, My Account, Footer – OpenCart 3.x [OCMOD]
Clear Cache – Opencart 3.x [OCMOD]
Remove Powered By – Opencart 3.x [OCMOD]
Remove Affiliate from Footer and My Account – OpenCart 3.x [OCMOD]
Remove Brands – OpenCart 3.x [OCMOD]
Remove Currency – OpenCart 3.x [OCMOD]
Remove Gift Certificates – OpenCart 3.x [OCMOD]
Remove My Account from Header and Footer – OpenCart 3.x [OCMOD]
Remove Newsletter – OpenCart 3.x [OCMOD]
Remove Order History – OpenCart 3.x [OCMOD]
Remove Phone Number – OpenCart 3.x [OCMOD]
Remove Specials – OpenCart 3.x [OCMOD]
Remove Wish List from Header, Footer, and My Account – OpenCart 3.x [OCMOD]
Remove Site Map – OpenCart 3.x [OCMOD]
Simple Footer – OpenCart 3.x [OCMOD]

OpenCart 2.x OCMODs

Remove “My Account” from Footer [OCMOD]
Remove “My Account” from Header [OCMOD]

More OpenCart Extensions

If you did not see the extension that you are looking for above, do not worry. We did promise that you will be able to find the OpenCart extension that you have been searching for. Please click here to see many more extensions.

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